Kim’s Gluten Free BREAD Flour Blend

Kim’s Gluten Free BREAD Flour Blend is my pride and joy, my personal creation for making all kinds of glorious gluten free breads!

collage of breads made with Kim's gluten free bread flour blend

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Why is Kim’s Gluten Free Bread Flour Blend in Grams and Not Cups?

I developed my blends in grams because it’s so much more precise AND unbelievably easy to weigh ingredients than to measure by volume. My blends don’t translate very well to cups. I sure don’t have an 18th of a cup measurement, do you? I strongly suggest you invest in a scale (they’re very cheap) and weigh your ingredients–you’d be surprised at how easy it is and you’ll most likely never switch back.


Kim’s Gluten Free Bread Flour Blend5 cups 700g10 cups 1.4kg15 cups 2.1kg20 cups 2.8kg
POTATO STARCH such as Bob’s Red Mill potato starch, Anthony’s potato starch (clickable links) (do NOT use potato flour)285 grams570 grams855 grams1140 grams
WHITE RICE FLOUR such as superfine white rice flour, fine white rice flour, or ultra fine white rice flour (clickable links) (Bob’s Red Mill is too gritty and you won’t get the same results)250 grams500 grams750 grams1000 grams
TAPIOCA STARCH/FLOUR such as Anthony’s tapioca flour, Bob’s Red Mill tapioca flour (clickable links) 75 grams150 grams225 grams300 grams
WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE such as Now Foods whey protein isolate, Isopure whey protein isolate, Opportuniteas grass-fed whey protein isolate, (clickable links). Whey protein isolate is lactose free. ***See below for substitutions75 grams150 grams225 grams300 grams
XANTHAN GUM such as Anthony’s premium xanthan gum, It’s Just xanthan gum, Bob’s Red Mill xanthan gum, (clickable links)15 grams30 grams45 grams60 grams


  • For dairy free protein, you can TRY soy protein, hemp protein, pea protein, egg white protein, pumpkin protein, vegan protein (clickable links) or any other pure protein powder. Please note, however, that these are all simply suggestions. My bread flour blend works best if there are NO substitutions, but I do understand that some of you may have other allergies. I wish I was a guru of all other food aversions, but I admit I am very challenged when it comes to others. The only one I’m well versed in is gluten free. I’ve heard from many readers who stated pea protein doesn’t work, while others have stated that it works fine. Some stated hemp protein worked beautifully (giving the finished bread a light green hue). One reader stated that a product that combines pea and quinoa protein worked beautifully for her. However, I DID try this product and did NOT get the usual rise and texture to my breads. In fact, they were very flat and inedible and not up to the standards that I’m used to in my recipes, so I won’t recommend that.
  • For the potato starch, one reader stated she had great results with cassava flour instead of potato starch. I haven’t tried this, so I don’t know what the results are like.
  • For the white rice flour, you may be able to substitute brown rice flour, but try to get a superfine brown rice flour. None of Bob’s Red Mill’s rice flours are fine enough and your dough consistency will be different.
  • For the tapioca starch, you could try arrowroot powder or perhaps cornstarch. Note that these have not been tested by me.
  • For the xanthan gum, this is a difficult one to substitute because it’s very unique in its qualities. However, you are welcome to try guar gum. I have never tried guar gum so I don’t know how it will react as a sub.

Can’t I Use a Store Bought Gluten Free Flour Blend Instead?

For any of my bread recipes, only this bread flour blend will work as I intended the results to be. Sure, there have been people who made my cinnamon rolls with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 and said they were great. And I don’t doubt that they are great for gluten free. However, when I developed my recipes using my own blend, it was after trying every blend under the sun, both store bought and from other bloggers, without getting results that were PERFECT.

For instance, there are people who have no problem with Udi’s or Canyon Bakehouse. I’m not saying these are horrible, but for me, I don’t want something that’s just “okay” or “good for gluten free.” What I want is to be able to fool my husband, son, and anyone else I feed (especially myself) into thinking they’re eating gluten. I want top of the line, the best of the best, a cinnamon roll that will rival Cinnabon.

I hope you find success in ALL your gluten free baking endeavors and that Kim’s gluten free BREAD flour blend is a part of your success😊