About Me

About Me

Hi!  I’m Kim.  Welcome to Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake 🙂  My goal of this little blog site is to share with you my successes with gluten free baking and cooking that will hopefully make you a champion in your own kitchen.

I live in Virginia Beach, VA with my wonderful family: my husband, my college student son, and our two crazy dogs!  My daughter is a teacher who lives on her own about 25 minutes away. Baking has always brought me joy in life.  I can remember when I was pretty young and got my very first Easy Bake Oven 🙂   Since then, it has become a real passion of mine to be in the kitchen.  I’ve enjoyed baking (and cooking) for friends and family through the years, even occasionally selling my creations.  My friends and family have always told me I was in the wrong business.  Until about three years ago, I was a medical transcriptionist. They all said that I must open a bakery!  I had spent the last several years raising my kids and loving every minute of it.  As they became adults, I thought my time had come to finally have my dream career in baking.

Fast forward a few years and a diagnosis of Celiac nearly derailed all my plans.  To be honest, I was devastated!!  Not only was I going to miss all the wonderful things I loved (pizza, donuts, cinnamon rolls), I wasn’t going to be able to knead dough. Or roll out pastry. It wasn’t just about the eating, it was about the creating, too.

I was tired of eating cardboard pizzas, so I poured myself into researching everything I could about gluten. And what it does in baking.   Through more errors than I care to admit (more dough was in my trash than my oven!), I found gluten free baked goods CAN be not only good, but GREAT!!  We don’t have to sacrifice good taste AND texture because of some lousy diagnosis.

When I created the ULTIMATE gluten free cinnamon rolls, I literally jumped for joy. So I absolutely had to share that and all my recipes with anyone who was missing those wonderful treats like me!

Baking has always made me happy. I truly hope that sharing my successes will make you happy, too, because I know how it is.  I’ve been there.  I AM there!  I know what it’s like to feel like a real pain in the you-know-what when going out to dinner. Or to sit and watch your son eat a Krispy Kreme donut and drool (lol!). Or smell the wonderful aroma of New York style pizza while you’re eating your frozen cardboard and wishing you could take just ONE bite of that glorious pizza!

If you continue to follow Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake, I assure you that you won’t be sitting there longing for a really light and airy donut.  You’ll be able to have a pull-apart sweet and buttery cinnamon roll.  How about New York style pizza that you can fold over?  You will be enjoying those things yourself in your own kitchen!!  I hope they bring you as much joy in your gluten free life that I’ve had in mine!!

Happy Gluten Free Baking 🙂