Sweet Saturdays: 06/08/19

Sampson on Brandon's bed

Good Saturday morning, everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a fabulous morning so far. It’s been very rainy here in Va Beach, but we needed it so I guess it’s a good thing.


  • My son called late Tuesday night and told me he injured his leg in boot camp and is not going to be graduating next week like we had hoped 😢. We feel so bad for him, but I guess everything happens for a reason. They think he either has a stress fracture or a torn ligament. He’s in limbo until they can get him into physical therapy, but knowing Brandon, he’s doing just fine sitting around relaxing for a bit. We’re flooding him with get well cards and letters so he knows he has our support. My mom told me that the Dollar Tree has Hallmark cards for $1 each! I’m heading there today to get a bunch to send to Brandon.
  • Since Scott has been home, he’s been replacing our side fence. Our neighbor has been helping him and things were going great until all the rain happened. Now we have a half finished fence and a temporary wire fence where the fence is unfinished. The other day the neighbor’s little bitty dog slipped through and I thought I’d have a dog fight on my hand’s. Thankfully, my baby girl (our half pit bull) surprised me and was a very good girl and just sniffed the other dog. I was so proud of her!


  • If you want to try the BEST PIZZA OF YOUR LIFE, make my Gluten Free Pan Pizza and instead of using shredded mozzarella, use white American cheese! I’m not kidding, you’re gonna LOVE it!!! Scott is from Scranton, PA, where his favorite pizza ever is from a little neighborhood dive called Maroni’s. They use white American cheese on their square pizza and it is SO good! When the cheese melts, it gets creamy underneath with charred bits on top that are like nothing you’ve ever had on a pizza! I seriously urge you to try this. My husband said last night that my pizza was BETTER than Maroni’s!!! And my pizza is gluten free and he doesn’t even NEED to eat gluten free 🤣😀👍🙌.
  • After the terrible tragedy in our city last week, many local businesses are making “VB Strong” stickers and T shirts and such. 100% of the sales from these are going directly to the families of the victims. This is such a wonderful act of giving and caring and our city has really come together. I ordered a T shirt yesterday and will proudly wear it when I get it!
  • Gemma Stafford is the QUEEN of microwave cooking and I am so making this microwave chocolate cake! Who doesn’t love saving time??



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Gracie lying on a pink blanket

Dogs have the best lives, don’t they? I hope everyone has a fabulous, relaxing weekend! What are your weekend plans?

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