Sweet Saturdays: 07/13/19

Good Saturday morning, ya’ll!!! This is my “grandkitty” Thackery Binx (yep, just like the Hocus Pocus movie)! We call him Binx for short, but I call him Binxy!! He came over last night and met the dogs and it went very well. I was so proud of the dogs for being so good.

thackery binx the cat

I hope everyone had a great week! My week actually went by very fast, which I’m thankful for, at least right now while we wait for Brandon to get out of boot camp.

I got to talk to him last weekend and he’s doing well, although bored to tears! He said he was hoping this past Monday when he saw the doc that he would be able to get off the crutches and start physical therapy. I remember when I broke my leg about this time last year. It felt like I was on crutches FOREVER!

It’s no fun, that’s for sure, so I totally understand what he’s feeling right now, except the part about not being able to do ANYTHING!! No TV, no books (unless approved to be military only non-fiction books, no magazines, no phones, no technology of any kind). Just sit there and talk to each other for hours day in and day out.

I feel so bad for him, but he’s in such good spirits and I’m so very proud of him for sticking with it. Brandon says “at least I’m getting paid to sit here and do nothing!” And as time passes, he’ll be able to start doing more and training to finally graduate and get on with his career. We are all so anxious for him to move on to his school in South Carolina because he’ll be pretty close to us and we’ll be able to visit!!


Strawberry Balsamic Popsicles — I ate so many of these this week!! I just LOVE the sweet/savory thing going on here and you will, too.

strawberry balsamic popsicle with a bite out of it


I’m making this Lime Chicken this coming week for dinner. It looks so flavorful and different from the usual lemon grilled chicken!

Anyone ever make beans from dry in their Instant Pot? These Instant Pot Baked Beans are calling my name!

Uncle Jack’s Mac and Cheese looks like a big slice of mac and cheese PIE! MUST.MAKE.THIS!!!

I’ve never had Pavlova and this Classic Pavlova Recipe sounds like the perfect recipe to try. She walks us through each step with great pics and a video. It looks like the perfect summertime dessert!!


The Ultimate Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Gluten Free Artisan Bread

Incredible Gluten Free Yeast Donuts

Gluten Free Flour Blends

Gluten Free Focaccia Bread

homemade vanilla extract

I finally found the PERFECT bottle for my homemade vanilla extract! Just get a bunch of vanilla beans and add rum or gluten free vodka (I like rum because it’s naturally gf) and let sit in a dark area for about 1-2 months. Keep adding rum or gf vodka as you use it up. This will last for a LONG time (mine has been going for over a year!!!). When you want an intense vanilla flavor, remove one of the vanilla beans and cut off one end. Squeeze out the inside, which is like a vanilla bean paste 🙂

Happy July weekend, ya’ll!!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Saturdays: 07/13/19”

    • That’s so cool, Gail!! My kids loved Hocus Pocus when they were little (and still do). My daughter didn’t actually name her cat, though. She went to the SPCA and said she wanted the oldest black cat they have and that’s when she found Binx! His previous owner had passed away.

      Such a great name 🙂

  • Love Binxy! What a great face. Glad the dogs and Binxy got along. It’s always tricky when you bring animals together. Also happy to hear Brandon is hanging in there I’m sure he is going a little stir crazy without constructive activities. Sounds like he’ll do well though. Sometimes it you just got to got with the flow. Thinking good thoughts for him and you too. Ok this is short for me, got a ton of emails to clear out. Hope your week is going well.

    • Thank you so much, Cyndi! I appreciate the good thoughts. I hope you are doing well also!!

      Hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend 🙂

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