Top 20 Most Popular Recipes of 2020

These are the BEST recipes of 2020!! Everything from breads, muffins, pizza crust, pie, pancakes, and more. See if your favorite made the list!

top 20 most popular recipes of 2020

Thank God we are almost done with 2020, eh? Who knew this year would turn out to be one of the most insane years of our lifetime!!! There were definitely some ups thrown in with those downs, though. Our family got to enjoy Disney World before “the world” changed. That is one of the best things ever, especially not knowing when things will get back to normal.

But the most meaningful thing that happened to me in 2020 was the success of this little blog of mine, and I owe it all to you!! Since the pandemic made most of us stay home and bake, bake, bake, a lot of you were on my site finding new gluten free recipes to try. And I want you to know how truly grateful I am for your support and confidence in me, and I hope my blog can offer more gluten free happiness in the years to come!

So let’s get into the best recipes of 2020, and we’ll see if YOUR favorite made it on the list!

20. The Best Gluten Free Key Lime Pie

Creamy and luscious with just the perfect amount of tartness, this is the best gluten free key lime pie! GET THE RECIPE

piece of gluten free pie on white plate

19. Gluten Free Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins

These gluten free bakery style blueberry muffins are just like the ones found in bakeries and coffee shops, maybe even better! They’re chock full of blueberries and have a wonderful crumb topping that’s crunchy and sweet. GET THE RECIPE

gluten free bakery style blueberry muffins

18. Gluten Free Challah Bread

This gluten free challah bread is rich, golden, slightly sweet, and soft. It’s not just for Jewish holidays anymore! GET THE RECIPE

baked loaf of gluten free round challah bread

17. Gluten Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

Grill up those hot dogs and hamburgers because these gluten free hamburger and hot dog buns are the best you’ll ever have!! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free hamburger and hot dog buns

16. My Grandma’s Gluten Free Pancakes

Light and fluffy, my Grandma’s gluten free pancakes will have everyone wanting more, and no one will know they’re gluten free! GET THE RECIPE

my grandma's gluten free pancakes with syrup and butter

15. Gluten Free Artisan Sourdough Bread

We’ve made the gluten free sourdough starter and this gluten free artisan sourdough bread is just one of many wonderful uses for it!! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free sourdough bread

14. Copycat Pizza Hut Pizza Sauce

Combined with my pan pizza crust and toppings, this copycat Pizza Hut pizza sauce makes your homemade gluten free pan pizza taste JUST LIKE the original! Fool your family and even yourself. GET THE RECIPE

copycat pizza hut pizza sauce

13. Gluten Free Mall Style Pretzels

No more longing for Auntie Anne’s style pretzels! The golden buttery flavor of these gluten free mall style pretzels will satisfy your craving. GET THE RECIPE

gluten free mall style pretzels

12. Gluten Free English Muffins

Move over, Thomas’ English Muffins! We got tired of waiting for you to come up with a gluten free muffin, so we made one ourselves! These gluten free English muffins rival yours with all the nooks and crannies we’ve been missing. GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--gluten free English muffin

11. AMAZING Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Once you make this AMAZING gluten free pizza crust, you’ll never buy another prepackaged one again!  If you’re missing a great New York style pizza in your gluten free life (that folds!) look no further.  You’ve found it!   GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--amazing gluten free pizza crust

10. Best Ever Gluten Free Pie Crust

This is the absolute BEST ever gluten free pie crust!  So flaky and light, you’d never know it was gluten free!!  Make it today for any of your pie needs! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free pie crust in blue pan

9. The Softest Gluten Free Rolls Ever

Who says we can’t have the softest gluten free rolls ever? Not me…anymore!! These rolls will blow your mind and make you question whether you’re actually eating the real deal. Soft, fluffy, buttery–what more could we ask for in a gluten free roll? GET THE RECIPE

the softest gluten free rolls ever

8. Glorious Gluten Free Puff Pastry

No need to break the bank with those gluten free puff pastry sheets! We can make our own quick gluten free puff pastry and it’s glorious!! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--glorious gluten free puff pastry

7. Incredible Gluten Free Yeast Donuts

Are you missing Krispy Kreme style donuts in your gluten free life? Have I got a treat for you! You’re gonna FLIP over these incredible gluten free yeast donuts that are so much like Krispy Kreme, you’ll think you’re cheating on your gluten free self!! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free yeast donuts on a white rectangular plate

6. Fabulous Gluten Free Italian Bread

Let me start by saying this FABULOUS gluten free Italian bread was a total accident. I am so, so glad it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, though! It’s soft and fluffy with a thin soft crust that’s just absolute perfection. GET THE RECIPE

fabulous gluten free italian bread

5. Gluten Free Hawaiian Rolls

These gluten free Hawaiian rolls will satisfy your cravings for those buttery rolls we’ve all been missing.  I dare anyone to believe they’re gluten free! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--gluten free hawaiian rolls

4. New & Improved Gluten Free Croissants

Buttery, flaky, feathery, and light. We didn’t think these gluten free croissants could get any better, but yet here they are in all their glory!! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--side view of gluten free croissant

3. Gluten Free Focaccia Bread

It’s so easy to make this wonderful gluten free focaccia bread! It’s light and airy with a crunchy top and bottom crust. Focaccia is flavored with olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, and a light sprinkling of parmesan cheese. GET THE RECIPE

gluten free focaccia bread

2. Ultimate Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

These ultimate gluten free cinnamon rolls are the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever have. Warm, gooey, and SOFT, I bet you can’t stop at just one! GET THE RECIPE

top 20 recipes of 2020--gluten free cinnamon rolls

Finally, the #1 recipe in the top recipes of 2020 was…

Gluten Free Artisan Bread

This gluten free artisan bread is the crusty bread you thought you’d never have again.  One bite and you’ll be in absolute HEAVEN!  Better still, NO ONE will know it’s gluten free! GET THE RECIPE

favorite recipes of 2020 gluten free artisan bread

Did your favorite make the cut in the top recipes of 2020? If not, I would love to know what your favorite recipe was this year!

Thank you so much for being a huge and welcome part of my 2020. May you find happiness and health in 2021!!

13 thoughts on “Top 20 Most Popular Recipes of 2020”

  • I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found your website! My grandson is not only diabetic he also has Celiac disease. His mother, father and sister are sensitive to gluten. So, as a family we have gone gluten free. I no longer have to search for good gluten-free recipes, I just follow you! Our absolute favorite out of all the recipes I make are the cinnamon rolls, better than regular rolls, I swear! The common comment around the table is “Who says you can’t eat gluten-free!” Thank you!

    • Awe, thanks so much, Beverly!! I’m so happy that my little blog can offer your family some wonderful gluten free options 🙂

  • Kim, thank you again for sharing your amazing recipes. They have changed my life! Things I never thought I’d be eating again are possible, and often better than their gluten filled counterparts. I no longer feel that I’m missing out. Thank you so much!!!

  • Kim – thank you so much for the fabulous Italian bread recipe. Have you tried adding herbs of any kind? Just wanted to add a little flavor. Can’t wait to try the pretzel and cinnamon rolls!!!

    • I haven’t, but that sounds like something I’d love! I have to be careful when making things with herbs because my husband isn’t fond of fresh herbs (sadly) like I am. Next time I’ll make two loaves, one plain for him and one with herbs and maybe even cheese for me 🙂

  • Hi Kim!!

    I am BRAND new to your blog and well…. ALREADY I love you!!! THANK GOD FOR YOU!!! I’ve tried every GF recipe for breads and PIZZA dough out there… GAG!!! So I just go without and it’s hard and torturous.

    Then YOU came along… just a week or so ago for me. I haven’t actually TRIED any of your recipes yet but am ingredient gathering and plan to make them all!! I already know they are going to be fabulous! I can tell from the awesome comments you have and the pictures you post. If they taste as good as they look… I’ll be in heaven.

    I am a ‘worry-wort’ however. I worry about EV-ER-Y-THING!! Especially my (and my husbands) health. So naturally – now that I already love you (stalker alert!) lol – I am sending a hope and prayer to you… hoping that with ALL of these amazing recipes of yours – I hope that you also include some whole-food veggies and fruits in your own diet!! I’m selfish really – I want you to be healthy so that you never leave us! The GF world will suffer dearly if you were to go away!! I will be PRINTING every recipe! In case your blog ever goes away!! (see? worry-wort!)

    Probably the strangest comment you’ve gotten so far, I know. I sorry 🙂 I’m just puttin’ it out there! HEALTHY EATING is the KEY to longevity!! We eat mostly a vegetarian diet and gluten free of course (I’m genetically NCGS), but I MUST HAVE BREAD and PASTA and PIZZZZZA now and then (mostly ‘now’). You are definitely my GF guru from here on out 🙂


    Be well and congratulations on the success of your beautiful new blog!!

    Very best,

    P.S!!! PLEASE KNOW!! I DO NOT MEAN TO INTRUDE/INSULT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! It’s just that when I read your top 20 recipes for 2020, it made me think… gosh … she sure makes a lot of YUMMY stuff!! YUMMY YES!! Super healthy?? Meh. So it’s just with love that I even mention it.

    Happy New Year!!


    • Oh my gosh, Melody!! Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, I get plenty of whole foods/fruits and veggies in my diet. I appreciate your worry, but there is no need. I will be around for a long while, God willing 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • OMG!! Creme Brulee too??!!!! Who ARE you???!!!! It’s my ultimate fave dessert!! Can’t wait to try it!!

        🙂 Melody

  • I started out looking on Pinterest for a recipe to make GF pie crust because the one dry mix I had finally found in November of course I could not find again (why is it that you have to go to 5 different stores to find all of your fav GF products). Well to my delight I found your pie crust recipe and it said “Best Ever” so I thought okay I’ll give it a try. When I saw “Kim’s All-Purpose GF Flour Blend” I at first thought I had just never seen it at the store but when I clicked it I soon realized I was dealing with someone who had put countless hours into their recipe and I got excited that maybe this crust might be the real deal on taste. I must say I still thought okay the dough will be difficult to roll out and keep together (I have tried this many times over my decade long Celiac life to no real success) but I watched your video and thought HOLY COW she just rolled the stuff right around the rolling pin “Insert shocked face”. I at this point got kinda giddy and started looking up all of the ingredients I needed to make your GF blend and read every word you said multiple times to make sure I didn’t screw up the process. I made the dough and crossed my fingers as I began rolling out the crust, without the usual parchment paper on both sides I might add, much to my delight it rolled out perfectly. Let me just say it didn’t break or tear and I even rolled it over the rolling pin and had plenty of extra for the crimping. I didn’t even know that was a thing since I have been GF I have started using premade crust since I don’t get to enjoy it anyway (sorry family) and they are always tiny and don’t leave excess for making pretty edges. Sorry got off track, so I made my apple pie filling, following your recipe by precooking the apples super smart, and watched in amazement as the pie turned a perfect golden brown. Now came the true test… how would it taste? Would my very picky son not even try it because it was GLUTEN FREE! Well, let’s just say it went over well and I looked over after we had all eaten our pie and my husband was sidled up to the table eating straight out of the pie plate.
    Since devouring our first pie from your recipes I have now tried the Cinnamon Rolls and I won’t get into the details but WOW!!!!! I am completely hooked on your recipes and flour blends (even though I at first was a little confused by all of the interesting ingredients) and cannot wait to try every bread you have listed. I honestly didn’t realize I loved baking so much but now that I have found amazing recipes again I want to try something new every night.
    I thank you for your dedication to the GF peeps and just so you know I have elevated you to demigod status when it comes to your expertise in the kitchen. My family and I thank you for bringing us recipes that just taste “NORMAL” but in a “I just made the best recipe ever and it happens to be GF” way, I look forward to many years of trying these recipes that you have beyond perfected.
    Kasey 🙂

    • Awe, thank you SO MUCH Kasey!!!! Your comment made my day (and week, month, and maybe even year!). You are too kind 😍😍😍

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