Top 10 Recipes of 2021

These are the BEST Let Them Eat Gluten Free recipes of 2021!! See if your favorite made the list!

top 10 recipes of 2021

Another year bites the dust! I guess that’s what happens as you get older. Time doesn’t slow down one bit. I suppose it’s a good thing when we’re trying to just get BACK TO NORMAL!!!! There are two things I’m excited about this upcoming year, though–my trip to Disney at the end of January and my daughter’s wedding (AT DISNEY!!!) at the beginning of October!

With another year down, I always love checking out the top recipes of the year and being able to see where things have headed and the direction they’re going in relation to the blog. Nearly every year since I’ve been blogging (3 years in), breads dominant the top 10. And why doesn’t that surprise me? Every loves bread and when you’re craving it and can’t have it, finding a great bread recipe is like finding the holy grail!

So let’s count down to the top 10 recipes of 2021 and we’ll see if YOUR favorite made the list!

10. Best Ever Gluten Free Pie Crust

This is the absolute BEST ever gluten free pie crust!  So flaky and light, you’d never know it was gluten free!!  Make it today for any of your pie needs! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free pie crust in blue pan

9. Glorious Gluten Free Puff Pastry

No need to break the bank with those gluten free puff pastry sheets! We can make our own quick gluten free puff pastry and it’s glorious!! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--glorious gluten free puff pastry

8. Incredible Gluten Free Yeast Donuts

Are you missing Krispy Kreme style donuts in your gluten free life? Have I got a treat for you! You’re gonna FLIP over these incredible gluten free yeast donuts that are so much like Krispy Kreme, you’ll think you’re cheating on your gluten free self!! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free yeast donuts on a white rectangular plate

7. Gluten Free Challah Bread

This gluten free challah bread is rich, golden, slightly sweet, and soft. It’s not just for Jewish holidays anymore! GET THE RECIPE

baked loaf of gluten free round challah bread

6. Gluten Free Artisan Sourdough Bread

We’ve made the gluten free sourdough starter and this gluten free artisan sourdough bread is just one of many wonderful uses for it!! GET THE RECIPE

gluten free sourdough bread

5. Gluten Free Hawaiian Rolls

These gluten free Hawaiian rolls will satisfy your cravings for those buttery rolls we’ve all been missing.  I dare anyone to believe they’re gluten free! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--gluten free hawaiian rolls

4. New & Improved Gluten Free Croissants

Buttery, flaky, feathery, and light. We didn’t think these gluten free croissants could get any better, but yet here they are in all their glory!! GET THE RECIPE

top recipes of 2020--side view of gluten free croissant

3. Gluten Free Focaccia Bread

It’s so easy to make this wonderful gluten free focaccia bread! It’s light and airy with a crunchy top and bottom crust. Focaccia is flavored with olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, and a light sprinkling of parmesan cheese. GET THE RECIPE

gluten free focaccia bread

2. Ultimate Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

These ultimate gluten free cinnamon rolls are the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever have. Warm, gooey, and SOFT, I bet you can’t stop at just one! GET THE RECIPE

top 20 recipes of 2020--gluten free cinnamon rolls

Finally, the #1 recipe in the top recipes of 2021 was (once again)…

Gluten Free Artisan Bread

This gluten free artisan bread is the crusty bread you thought you’d never have again.  One bite and you’ll be in absolute HEAVEN!  Better still, NO ONE will know it’s gluten free! GET THE RECIPE

favorite recipes of 2020 gluten free artisan bread

Did your favorite make the cut? If not, I would love to know what your favorite recipe was this year!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Recipes of 2021”

  • My number one is the artisan bread and close second is the cinnamon rolls. Although I’m hungry to try the croissant and puff pastry recipes, just haven’t had the time yet. My number three is your PIZZA dough!!! I’ve been experimenting with a sugar free, lower hydration version to use in an Ooni outdoor pizza oven. The high temperatures, 950 degrees F, burn any pizza dough with sugar before the rest of the pie is done. Do you have any tips or are you thinking of working on a High Temp Pizza Dough? They seem to be gaining popularity. Also, I’d like to try the artisan bread in the Ooni Pizza Oven if you have any hacks for bread in a High Temp Oven. Thanks for all you have done for the gluten free community!

    • Thanks so much, Doc!! I have had an Ooni pizza oven on my radar for quite some time now, but haven’t made the purchase just yet. I’m trying to figure out if I want the wood burning, gas, or the combination one (I’m thinking the combo one, although it’s quite expensive). From what I’ve researched with the Ooni is you can always turn the temp down a little bit (not much because you still want that high temp baking). Until I get one myself, I won’t be able to provide much feedback (and I will get one this year). Until then, check out this guy’s video and watch how he turns down his oven so his dough doesn’t burn (he is very entertaining and a true Neapolitan pizza chef): This particular video tests the Ooni Karu 16, but I’m pretty sure he’s tested all of them so search his channel for the one you have.

  • I just made the doughnuts and filled them with jelly and they were delicious. I baked them, but also tried a few doughnut holes in the air fryer, They were soft and airy and worth the wait. Thank you for the great flour mixes and wonderful recipes!

  • Love your Cinnamon Rolls absolutely heaven, tried your pizza dough the other day and loved it too. Can’t wait to try the rest!! Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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