Thanksgiving Gluten Free Breads, Pies, and Desserts

This is your ultimate list for all Thanksgiving gluten free breads, pies, and desserts you could ever need for turkey day!

gluten free thanksgiving list

I don’t often get requests for things like green bean casserole or cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes. I just don’t feel that’s what everyone wants to see from me. There are plenty of sites out there that show you how to eat naturally gluten free and believe me, I’m all for that.

Therefore, this list is a compilation of all gluten free breads and desserts you could possibly want and need for your Thanksgiving feast. Let’s get to it!!

Thanksgiving Gluten Free Breads

the softest gluten free rolls ever
piece of the best gluten free cornbread with butter and a bite taken out of it
gluten free hawaiian rolls
sweet potato biscuits in red checked basket
gluten free sourdough bread
sliced gluten free white sandwich bread
  • Gluten Free Breadcrumbs–sometimes breadcrumbs are needed, for mac and cheese perhaps, or stuffing maybe. Any reason you’d need breadcrumbs, these gluten free breadcrumbs are far superior to store bought ones.
gluten free breadcrumbs in a glass jar and spilled out on a counter
baked loaf of gluten free round challah bread

Thanksgiving Sides

stuffin' muffins on a white rectangular platter
  • Best Ever Gluten Free Sweet Potato Souffle–if I don’t make this side for Thanksgiving, I’ll have a revolt on my hands! My family LOVES these sweet potatoes and for good reason–they’re the best I’ve ever made (and I’ve made several). Try them and see if your family feels the same way.
scoop of sweet potato souffle on large spoon

Thanksgiving Desserts

slice of pumpkin earthquake cake
gluten free pumpkin pound cake up close on black cake stand
big fork full of pumpkin spice gf angel food cake and maple whipped cream
slice of gf apple cake
gluten free bread pudding with creamy vanilla bean sauce on gold rimmed plate
gluten free apple dumplings with vanilla ice and a pool of red cinnamon sauce
gluten free pie crust chips and dip
gluten free pumpkin spice creme brulee

Thanksgiving Gluten Free Pies

apple pie slice on white plate with red apple in background
gluten free apple turnovers
  • Gluten Free French Silk Pie–this chocolate pie is silky smooth and light and fluffy. If you want something a little different than a traditional Thanksgiving pie, this pie will be a hit!
piece of gluten free french silk pie being lifted up
slice of chocolate chip pie being lifted out of pie
  • Incredible Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie–the quintessential Thanksgiving dessert, this pumpkin pie is different. It has cream cheese baked in. The pie has a silky, smooth filling that reminds me a little of cheesecake, and it is DIVINE!!
gluten free pumpkin pie slice
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chess Pie–this chocolate pie was my favorite pie EVER growing up. Our friends would bring it to Thanksgiving dinner every year, and I made sure to save room for it!
forkful of gluten free chocolate chess pie on plate
slice of gluten free sweet potato pie
gluten free apple crumb pie

You should be all set for Thanksgiving with any of your gluten free baking needs!

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  • Made the yeast donuts for my daughter, grandsons and self who have Celiac Dz
    Haven’t had a good donut in 10 years, OMG these were the best!! Even my husband agreed and he isn’t GF. Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying your other recipes,

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