Sweet Saturdays: 05/04/19

May the Fourth be with you!!!

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. How about you? I grew up when the first Star Wars came out in theaters way back in the 70’s. I remember going to see it in the theater and it was something like we’d never seen before! I’ve seen all of the whole Star Wars saga several times and never tire of them. No offense to my husband, but his birthday is today and I’ve never thought a significant birth date was more wasted on a person than today! He has NEVER seen a single Star Wars movie (he’s not into sci-fi) so to be born on May the Fourth is just so wrong. LOL! Love you, babe! Happy Birthday 🙂

disney world picture
My kids at Disney World for the first time!!

Every three years, my mom and dad take our whole family (myself and my family, and my sisters and their families) to Disney World and it’s the best trip ever!! They’ve been doing it since my kids were little. Scott is not a big Disney fan, so he usually stays behind and takes care of the dogs. Our next big trip to Disney will be at the end of February 2020 and I CANNOT WAIT!!! They spare no expense when we are there and we are all so very grateful for the wonderful time we get to spend with all our family. The new Galaxy’s Edge will be open by then and we’re hoping we’ll get a few Fast Passes to ride on the Millenium Falcon ride! Check it out here!!

disney world magic bands

Until then, though, I have my own Disney trip planned with my daughter (just she and I) and we are going in T minus 11 days!!!!!!! We are staying at the Boardwalk, where we’ve never stayed before so I’m looking forward to seeing how different it will be from our usual spot (the amazing Polynesian!). My sister is a Disney travel agent (check out her Facebook page here. She got us an AMAZING deal (especially if you’re military) and right now they’ve having some really great discounts for summer vacays! Stay tuned for my reviews of all the wonderful gluten free food I’m getting ready to eat there 🙂 In addition, my daughter and I are doing TWO of the After Hours Parties, which you can read about here. We are so EXCITED!!!

The Week In Review:

  • I finally got the “form letter” from my son in boot camp which tells of what “ship” and division he’s in so we can start writing him. I think my whole family is writing him letters! Haha!! We are all just so very proud of him and look forward to graduation in June. He called last weekend!! Normally that doesn’t happen until their 3rd week, so my heart was pounding when I answered the phone. He sounded really good!! The reason they had everyone call is because, sadly, a girl died while at boot camp last week 🙁 She was running, collapsed and had a heart attack afterwards. How incredibly horrible and I feel so, so bad for her parents and family. It’s a scary thing to think about and I could never begin to imagine what they’re going through.
  • This week was my last week of working for the company I’ve worked for for 28 years!!! I am a medical transcriptionist and knew eventually they would go to voice recognition software. Well, it finally came to that point. I am beyond EXCITED for the opportunity laid out in front of me right now! When I wake up Monday morning, the blog will take center stage, and I couldn’t be happier! This is what I was meant to do, and to tell you the truth, my former job was very stressful. I think this will be so good for my body, mind, and soul! Plus, I’ll get to work on bringing ya’ll all the yummy gluten free goodies I can 🙂
  • Who has seen Avengers: Endgame??? I am going tomorrow with my daughter and her boyfriend!! We haven’t missed a single of the Avengers movies yet. I feel like I’m behind because it’s already been out a week and I haven’t seen it yet! LOL!

What I’m Loving Right Now

  • Amazon has a shop right now for Mother’s Day and they have some really cool things. If you have Prime, last minute shopping is so easy these days. I really don’t know what I’d do without Prime for all my shopping needs (gluten free ingredients to name just a few). Check out the sale here!
  • One of my sweet dogs, Sampson, has really bad arthritis of his knees. I don’t think he’d be able to run around like he does in our back yard without Arthroinx. Arthroinx is a wonderful product we’ve been using for years to help ease his pain. He was limping every single day and within two weeks of taking Arthroinx, he stopped limping and hasn’t limped since! If your dog has problems with arthritis, you should try it here. It’s life changing!

What I Posted This Week:

  • Gluten Free Churro Cupcakes. Cinnamon, sugar, soft, fluffy. Need I say more? Whip these up for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Everyone will love you for it!
  • The Softest Gluten Free Rolls Ever!!! I had been working on creating a soft gluten free roll dough that didn’t have a whole lot of sugar in it, and it’s finally here! This will open many doors for gluten free baking and many great recipes are to come from this one dough 🙂
  • Glorious Gluten Free Puff Pastry. Did I mention how I rarely give up on gluten free baking? If at first I don’t succeed, try, try again!! This is yet another recipe I’ve been working on for years and I couldn’t be happier with the flaky layers I finally achieved 🙂

Top Posts This Week:

Happy Sweet Saturday! Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend 🙂

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