Sweet Saturday: 11/09/19

sampson with his slobber necklace

It’s sweet Saturday: 11/09/19! As we inch closer to Thanksgiving, I’m posting as many of my Thanksgiving recipes as I can so you all can have what you need to pull off a flawless gluten free meal!

Anyone remember the movie Turner and Hooch? With Tom Hanks?? Hooch was the mastiff dog that was the biggest slobberer ever! My Sampson is probably second to Hooch. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that Sampson has created his own leaf slobber necklace, haha!! He tends to slobber when we’re walking and when he puts his head down to sniff at the grass, he sometimes picks up a leaf with the slobber. It’s so hysterical, I always try to get a picture, but that can often be difficult with the two dogs in tow.


Has anyone seen the Pastry Chef Attempts series on You Tube, or am I the only one that came in late to the game?? With millions of views, I can see why because it’s such an addicting series. I can’t wait to see what Claire makes next!

I found this Godiva Melting Chocolate at my local commissary and it is so good!!! It’s real milk chocolate that will need to be tempered, and I plan on attempting to make Pastry Chef Attempts’ recipe for peanut butter cups, but the shaped ones (like the trees for Christmas or the hearts for Valentine’s Day). If you don’t already know, the shaped Reese’s are NOT gluten free. And sadly, they’re my favorite so I must try to make them. Stay tuned!

godiva coating chocolate

I bought this syrup on Amazon because I’m still thinking about the Violet Lemonade from Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. We are going to Disney at the end of February 2020 (eeeeeek!!) and will be there for the opening day of the F&G and you know I gotta get a Violet Lemonade!! In the meantime, though, I’ll attempt to make it on my own. Another stay tuned moment 🙂

monin violet syrup

We just got into watching Jack Ryan on Netflix and we really like it so far! We’re also watching a documentary called The Devil Next Door about an American immigrant who was thought to be Ivan the Terrible, a Nazi war criminal. World War II is something that I am so interested in learning all I can about, because I can’t imagine evil as great as what happened in World War II. I feel that the millions of Jews who were killed deserve for someone to remember them and what they went through.


Amazing Gluten Free Apple Pie — one of my most favorite pies ever, this gluten free apple pie is just like what we remember. The crust is incredible and the filling is piled high with perfectly cooked cinnamon-y apples.

gluten free apple pie slice

Gluten Free Chocolate Chess Pie — if you’ve never had chess pie, you need to try this gluten free chocolate chess version. Like a cross between a brownie and fudge, it’s rich and addictive.

gluten free chocolate chess pie

Gluten Free Stuffin’ Muffins — Stuffin muffins are a tradition in our family, and I finally perfected them into a gluten free version. It’s nice to have your own little serving with both crunchy parts and soft insides.

gluten free stuffin' muffins


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gluten free pepperoni pizza

Just a little gluten free pepperoni pizza to get you in the pizza craving mood. Sorry, not sorry 🍕🍕🍕

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