Sweet Saturday: 09/28/19

It’s Sweet Saturday: 09/28/19! Can ya’ll believe it’s almost October already???? I’m loving the weather we’re having right now, which is in the low to mid 80’s. It really is perfect! What’s your weather like? Still too hot? Or already heading towards winter?

sunrise over the clouds at dam neck

I live really close (less than 5 minutes) to Dam Neck Naval Base, which is an annex to the much larger Naval Air Station Oceana (about 10 minutes away). Dam Neck has its own private 3 1/2 mile strip of beach here in Virginia Beach. My dad worked at Dam Neck when he was in the Navy, so we would very often load up the station wagon (ha!) and head over to Dam Neck to hang out at the beach all day.

As I got older, after my teenage years, I kind of got tired of the beach, especially the “Oceanfront” where all the tourists would, and still do, go. But this past week I decided I was gonna take advantage of this beautiful weather (not too hot) and walk along Dam Neck beach to not only get some exercise, but to take time out for myself and watch the sun rise.

What’s great about the beach so early in the morning, especially Dam Neck, is there’s no one there. Maybe about 2-4 people are on the beach every morning, in addition to a few surfers in the water. This is unfathomable in the summertime!! It’s really nice to have a little peace and quiet before starting my day.

surfer in water at dam neck


Pumpkin Pie Cake? Are you kidding me?? I must try this!!

I love a great chopped salad and this Fall Harvest Chopped Salad is definitely on my radar.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting was one of my favorite cakes growing up! This looks so good!!

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s a little healthier but so refreshing, try these Pomegranate Frozen Fruit Bars from Outshine. They’re not new, but I just happened upon them at the store and am now obsessed!!

It’s a little less than 5 months out from our big family Disney vacation and I cannot wait!!! There’s so many new things going on at Disney, but what I’m so excited to see is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Piloting the Millennium Falcon is gonna be unreal, and the newest attraction (Rise of the Resistance) will be open by the time we go. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!


Gluten Free Maple Butter Blondies (Applebee’s Copycat) — ya’ll, run don’t walk to your kitchen and make these now! They are so much like the original and so darn good! That sauce, though.

applebee's gluten free maple butter blondie

The BEST Gluten Free Flour Tortillas — I have yet to have one of these wonderful flour tortillas tear on me while eating OR wrapping! And they’re so easy to make, it’s ridiculous.

gluten free flour tortillas

Easy Pumpkin Spice Creme Brulee — loaded with the real deal pumpkin puree and spices, you’re gonna love this seasonal version of one of our family favorites!!

gluten free pumpkin spice creme brulee


dam neck beach sunrise

I hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend! Happy Gluten Free Baking!!🍁🍂

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