Sweet Saturday: 08/17/19

Happy sweet Saturday to everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic week! We’re approaching the end of August, which means Labor Day soon, back to school for all the kiddos, and one step closer to fall.

thackery binx

I was taking care of this precious little baby while Bre was visiting my sister and her family in Texas for the past two weeks. He is so darn cute and so funny, too! I can barely get the food in the bowl before he’s knocking my hand away to eat it. I just love him ❤😸

gracie with her paw over her face

And of course I can’t forget my other babies!! Gracie is so sweet. She’s crazy as ever and we call her crazy Gracie, but at this moment I had just taken her on a walk so she was “exhausted!” LOL!

sampson lying on the bed sleeping

Speaking of “exhausted,” here is Sampson right after the very same walk. If I don’t take these dogs on a walk every single day, they will be at my heels every time I move throughout the day because they’re wondering “could this be the time when she’s finally taking us?” Seriously though, I can’t even fix my hair because they think fixing my hair means taking them on a walk. Haha!

We don’t go on a very long walk anymore either (since I broke my leg while walking down a busy street in my neighborhood with them). But all that sniffing is what makes them so tired. If you didn’t know this, dogs obtain most of their information through sniffing. They can tell when another dog recently walked through the area, and approximately when they were there. They can also tell the other dog’s gender, what they like to eat, and what kind of mood they were in. It’s like exercising their minds!


Last weekend I skipped Sweet Saturday because I posted my Gluten Free Pizzelle S’Mores Sandwiches on National S’Mores Day. Did any of you make them? Oh my gosh, they were good!!!!

Sadly, I heard from Brandon last week and he was just about to give up because he hasn’t been able to progress in the recovery unit at boot camp. It was the first time I got a negative call from him while he’s been there and I just feel so bad for him and so helpless. BUT, I heard good things from another recruit’s mother, who said her son has been doing better, and her son and mine were in the same boat, so I’m praying Brandon’s call tomorrow will be a better one.


I FINALLY used my Chef’N Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker and oh my Gosh it was some of the BEST ice cream I’ve EVER had!! I can’t believe this little gimmicky tool for us kitchen tool/appliance lovers that I thought would be a waste of money turned out to make the most amazing ice cream! I’ll be creating a post for it soon because if ya’ll are anything like me, you’ll want to get one of these things so you can have ice cream within minutes (like about 5) whenever you want! It’s one of my most favorite things ever now.

I made this Sander’s Bumpy Cake a few years back with an original recipe that was posted in a paper or something (I can’t remember). We all loved it and I MUST make it again soon!!

Crazy Good Quick Garlic Noodles sound so good!!

As soon as it starts getting colder, I’m making this yummy Thai Coconut Peanut Soup!


Copycat Baja Fresh Salsa — hello my favorite salsa ever!!! Ya’ll won’t believe how easy this salsa is to make and how unique it is in flavor. If you’ve never had Baja Fresh, you’re in for a flavor explosion!!!

copycat baja fresh salsa in front of tacos

Lemon Basil Potato Salad — a family favorite that’s different from the normal mayonnaise type potato salad. It’s herbaceous and full of tangy, lemony flavor! So refreshing 😋

lemon basil potato salad


two gluten free s'mores sandwiches

Just a little reminder of these gf pizzelle smores! So yummy!! Hope ya’ll have a wonderful week ahead 😊😎🍦🌞🍧🍨

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