Sanaa Disney Gluten Free Review

This Sanaa Disney Gluten Free Review is the first review I’ve ever done. Please bear with me because I forgot to take pictures of several things. Haha!

My daughter and I ate lunch at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge over our 4-day Disney vacation. It was our first time there. We were told by my sister that we just HAD to go there because the food was soooooooo good!

giraffe at sanaa disney at disney's animal kingdom lodge

About the Animal Kingdom Lodge

We had been to the Animal Kingdom Lodge before, to eat at Boma for dinner years ago. It’s been a while since we were there and it was nice to go back and see the resort. I’ve always loved the Animal Kingdom Lodge for its decor, but of course also for the animals. It sits on part of the savannah, where the animals are able to roam.

The day we were there it was incredibly hot. There were only a few animals out and I managed to snap a pic of this guy looking right at us! From afar, it almost looks like his ears are those huge glasses that clowns wear, doesn’t it? What an amazing thing to be able to see these majestic animals when you wake up in the morning! I’d love to stay here one day and maybe I will. What I don’t like is that it’s so out of the way of everything else. When we go to Disney, we use their transportation systems (monorail, bus, or boat). Bus is the only option for this resort, unless you take an Uber or the new Minnie Vans (both cost money).

Anyway, regardless of how far out there it is, it’s such a beautiful resort. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the resort or at least the restaurant. It’s my first time doing this so it’s a learning process I guess, haha!

On to the food!! I of course didn’t get pics of the allergy menu, but it’s on Alexis’ Gluten Free Adventures‘ blog and it’s pretty much the same, other than the desserts.

gluten free naan at sanaa at disney world

The Bread Service (Appetizer)

Our wonderful waitress said we could split an order of naan with some being regular and some being gluten free. We picked 2 gluten free naan and 3 regular naan (it comes 5 to an order). I was a little shocked with the texture of the gluten free naan, especially since I’d heard such great things about it. My own gluten free naan has the same taste AND texture as the real thing. However, Sanaa’s naan was still decent, especially when I dipped it in the sauces. Oh my gosh, those sauces!!! I could literally drink a couple of them. Haha!

naan dipping sauces at sanaa at disney world

I didn’t get a picture of the cucumber raita (are you even surprised?), but the other sauces, from top left to bottom left, are red bell pepper hummus, tomato-date chutney, tamarind, mango chutney, red chile sambal, jalapeno-lime pickle, coriander chutney, and garlic pickle. My favorites were the tomato-date chutney, tamarind, coriander chutney, and garlic pickle. Each were so different and had their own unique flavors and textures.

gluten free potjie inspired meal at sanaa at disney world
gluten free braised beef at sanaa at disney world

The Entrees

There were several options for gluten free entrees. The one I chose was Potjie Inspired. Our waitress said we could get three of the options with the dining plan we were on. Harvests were just what they sound like–vegetables. My daughter is a vegetarian so she got all harvests. I ordered two journeys, which are basically proteins, and one harvest.

One thing I knew I wanted was the butter chicken, but with my other journey option I couldn’t come to a decision. It was between the spicy durban shrimp and the braised beef. I asked our waitress and she recommended without a doubt the beef. It was one of the best braised beefs I’ve ever had, so I’m so glad she recommended it! The beef was so incredibly flavorful and fall apart tender!! It was in a sauce with cinnamon and probably some tumeric and other spices. I didn’t know what else was in it and it didn’t matter. It was delicious!!

The butter chicken was very good, too, as was the paneer (a type of Indian cheese simmering in a sauce).

Our waitress was so enthusiastic about the food at Sanaa. She was also very knowledgeable, so I felt comfortable not talking to the chef and just going with her recommendations.

gluten free african triple chocolate mousse at sanaa at disney world


You’d think with all that food I ate, I wouldn’t have room for dessert. You’d be dead WRONG!! I almost always have room for dessert (there’s a separate compartment in your stomach for that). 😉 Our waitress came around with dessert menus (didn’t get a picture of—ugh!!!). She told me I could have the Serradura, a butterscotch pudding, almond coffee streusel, pineapple and mango without the breton shortbread. I could also try the Kheer, a coconut-rice pudding with saffron-poached fruit without the cashew streusel.

My third option was African Triple Chocolate Mousse, which is what I ordered. It’s naturally gluten free and it was SO good!!! It looks like it would be heavy, but it’s far from it. It’s actually very light! The mousse is a layer of dark, milk, and white chocolate mousses with a chocolate biscuit and dotted with thick strawberry gelee. It’s adorned with strawberries and this almond streusel that is crunchy and sweet and heavenly!! I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but I did come close. Haha!

My daughter and I LOVED Sanaa and will definitely be going back again, probably when our whole family goes in late February of next year. I’m looking forward to having that braised beef again 😋😋😋

2 thoughts on “Sanaa Disney Gluten Free Review”

  • Haha I love your comment about the separate compartment in your stomach for desserts! We used to always say that when I was young. Mom would always say I thought you were full, you didn’t finish your dinner. But I have a separate dessert compartment! Thanks for sharing, sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to plan my trip now.

    • Exactly! Lol!! There is ALWAYS room for dessert in my world 🤣

      Disney is so great for food (and everything else really). My only advice is go in cooler months if you can. The heat killed my appetite and I love to eat and experience all the gluten free goodness when I’m there!

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