Grand Floridian Cafe Gluten Free Breakfast Review

One of my new favorite places for breakfast, Grand Floridian Cafe offers unique options for a wonderful gluten free meal! It’s a hidden gem that we all were really happy to find 🙂

chase and wyatt holding hands while heading to breakfast at grand floridian cafe

How cute are these two brothers holding hands? I failed to get a picture of the restaurant, but my nephews are walking right past it so that’s as good as it’s gonna get, haha!

Some of us have actually been to the Grand Floridian Cafe once before, but it was for dinner so that didn’t count. We all weren’t too terribly impressed with that meal, but I never write off a restaurant for one mistake. Maybe they were having an off night.

When we started planning this past Disney trip over a year ago, we decided to stick to home base for all our breakfast meals. There were 12 of us in 5 different rooms, so getting us all together to jump on a bus or boat to go far never quite works out. We knew we had to stick to anything along the monorail loop this time around (including Magic Kingdom). And it worked perfectly!

We decided to give the Grand Floridian Cafe a shot for breakfast. And boy were we glad we did!!! It was a super breakfast that each and every one of us raved about! In fact, we ended up rearranging plans to eat there another time before our trip ended.

Grand Floridian Cafe Allergy Menu

The Grand Floridian offers brunch instead of just breakfast, so for those who would rather have salads or sandwiches they’re free to do so. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I’m always about the eggs, bacon, waffles–all that good stuff!

grand floridian cafe allergy menu first page
grand floridian cafe allergy menu second page
grand floridian cafe allergy menu third page

Our First Visit

As soon as I saw eggs benedict on the menu, I knew what I was getting. I also ordered a side of Mickey waffles because, well, I love them! And I seriously never get tired of them when I’m at Disney.

gluten free eggs benedict

I wanted to try the eggs benedict because I’m a huge fan of hollandaise sauce. And they certainly delivered in all that lemony hollandaise atop the perfectly poached eggs. It comes with a side of marinated tomato salad, which I honestly never tried because I was too full from the eggs benedict and my side of Mickey waffles!

Now, here’s the thing. I make my own gluten free English muffins that no store bought gluten free muffin can touch. So when I eat a pre-packaged gluten free English muffin (I’m sure Disney doesn’t make their own) I can tell. That’s not to say they were horrible because they weren’t. And any gluten free person would love those English muffins.

The fact that we can order something like eggs benedict is so incredibly appreciated! I do feel that while the English muffins aren’t the greatest, it’s not Disney’s fault because they didn’t make them. The eggs benedict as a whole were wonderful 🙂

gluten free Mickey waffles at grand floridian cafe

The Mickey waffles did not disappoint, as per usual. They were crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and I’ll never, EVER stop loving them!!

My daughter and I were given these new allergy free rolls. I had never seen these rolls before, but they looked more like a normal roll, so I was excited!

gluten free roll with butter at grand floridian

Neither my daughter nor myself cared much for them though. They were a little cakey and not stretchy at all. I actually think I like the old rolls (Deanna’s or Ener-G rolls) better. It’s hard when you make your own gluten free breads that are so much like real bread to then try something pre-packaged and say it’s good. I’m only being honest and expressing how I feel. But if Disney made their own gluten free breads and rolls, maybe they’d be so much better than the pre-packaged stuff.

Our Second Visit

On our second visit to the Grand Floridian Cafe, I debated with myself over what to order this time around. The eggs benedict were so good that I didn’t want to pass them up. But maybe I should order something else? Nah! That hollandaise was calling my name, haha!

eggs benedict with hollandaise

The English muffins were a little over toasted and were very hard to cut through on this visit. After a few struggles, I just slid everything off the muffins and ate it all by itself. The Canadian bacon, poached egg, and that tasty and luscious hollandaise were perfectly delicious!

I didn’t order waffles on the second visit. However, they did bring me another one of those new rolls, which I didn’t even take a bite of.

All in all, we really enjoyed the Grand Floridian Cafe and I’d love to go back for a lunch or dinner again some day. I’ve heard they have some phenomenal entrees that can be made gluten free (I’m looking at you, Lobster Thermidor Burger) 😉 For more info on booking your first or next visit to the Grand Floridian Cafe, check out Disney’s website.

5 thoughts on “Grand Floridian Cafe Gluten Free Breakfast Review”

  • We’ve been there for dinner and really enjoyed it. Will have to give breakfast a chance. I just seem to gravitate to The Wave when we stay on the loop. But your meals look delicious!

  • Shoot, it wasn’t there sorry, It was the Crystal Palace, how could I confuse them I don’t know but I sure did. But the girls did have a great time with all Pooh characters. We had a great view of the Castle too. We had dinner there our second night and I gorged myself. *L*

    • They look very similar on the outside so I could understand the confusion! But we love the Crystal Palace, too 🙂

  • As I said before that last time I was at Disney World I wasn’t diagnosed a Celiac. But I did eat dinner at the Grand and it was good. But the best thing was the characters. We had two little girls and as always they had a great time! If I ever make it back I will have breakfast at the grand as I love eggs Benedict as well as waffles. It would be a wonderful breakfast! Lobster Thermidor Burger?? Sounds yummy to me! Thanks again for another wonderful visit to Disney,

    • Hi, Cyndi! I think what you’re thinking of with the characters is 1900 Park Fare. It’s a buffet and they have characters such as Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, and then for dinner I’m pretty sure it’s a princess dinner. We ate there for breakfast this time around and I’ll have my review of that up before too long.

      We were pleasantly surprised by the Grand Floridian Cafe 🙂

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