Kim’s Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Blend

Kim’s gluten free all purpose flour blend is perfect for cakes, cookies, quick breads, and anything else you’d want to make gluten free!

compilation of food made with gluten free all purpose blend


I developed my blends in grams because it’s so much more precise AND unbelievably easy to weigh ingredients than to measure by volume. My blends don’t translate very well to cups. I sure don’t have an 18th of a cup measurement, do you? I strongly suggest you invest in a scale (they’re very cheap) and weigh your ingredients–you’d be surprised at how easy it is and you’ll most likely never switch back.


I feel my own blends work best in my recipes, and are also so much cheaper than spending a fortune on a tiny bag of gluten free flour at the store. HOWEVER, for some of the recipes on my blog, a store bought blend may be substituted (I will state this in the individual recipe).

Cup4Cup, for instance, is a great store bought blend that can be used for most of my cake and cookie recipes and anything that is NOT bread. For my revolutionary bread flour blend, see this page here. The cost of it is outrageous, though, and to be honest, I think it has a little bit of a gritty texture. But it will sub fine in some of my recipes. Again, check each individual recipe for indications of this.

When making my gluten free all purpose flour blend, I mix it in a large lidded container in increments of about 10-20 cups, or 1.4 kilograms. My gluten free flour blend weighs more per cup than a regular wheat-based flour would (wheat-based flours weigh about 120 grams per cup, whereas my gf flours weigh 140 grams per cup).

The List of Ingredients

I use this flour blend mainly for cakes, cookies, some pastries, and most other desserts, pretty much anything that’s not yeast bread. Store bought Cup4Cup may be used as a substitute, but note that it is grainier than my blend and I haven’t tested my recipes with anything but my own blend. I often make 10-20 cups of each flour blend at a time and store it in a large container (because I do so much baking).  All of the text in pink are clickable links to products I use.

Kim’s All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend140 grams (about 1 cup)420 grams (about 3 cups)700 grams (about 5 cups)1400 grams (about 10 cups)2100 grams (about 15 cups)2800 grams (about 20 cups)
superfine white rice flour67 grams201 grams336 grams672 grams1008 grams1344 grams
cornstarch (substitute arrowroot starch for corn free)25 grams76 grams126 grams252 grams378 grams504 grams
tapioca starch21 grams63 grams105 grams210 grams315 grams420 grams
nonfat dry milk powder (substitute coconut milk powder or soy milk powder for dairy free)20 grams59 grams98 grams196 grams294 grams392 grams
potato starch4 grams13 grams21 grams42 grams63 grams84 grams
xanthan gum3 grams8 grams14 grams28 grams42 grams56 grams

Try Kim’s gluten free all purpose flour blend in all your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or quick breads! It’s not gritty and is much better than any store bought blend you’ll find 😊